The technology in dentistry is ever changing has improved by leaps and bounds in a relative short period of time. In the past, the majority of dental appliances and restorations were made by taking an impression of the teeth and then using stone or plaster to pour a working model. This process was time consuming, often uncomfortable for the patient, and could introduce inaccuracies along the way. Page Dental Arts has you covered with the latest in dental technology! Our 3D digital scanning virtually eliminates the need for those messy impressions. And our CAD/CAM dental milling machine can create beautiful porcelain restorations in the same day!

3D Digital scanning

Instead of using the messy and often uncomfortable dental impressions, at Page Dental Arts, we use a 3D digital scanner whenever possible to capture the exact shape, size and color of your teeth digitally. We accomplish this by moving a small wand over your teeth that has a tiny camera inside. No discomfort, no mess! This data can then be used in our office to design and make a porcelain restorations, like a crown or bridge. It can also be used to send a digital file to a local dental laboratory to make a variety of appliances, including nightguards, retainers or sleep apnea appliances.

CAD/CAM dental milling

Our dental mill uses the above 3D digital scan to mill beautiful dental restorations for our patients and deliver them the same day.