What is GLO Science Professional Teeth Whitening?

GLO Science Professional is the latest innovation in whitening technology.It offers a dual whitening experience, providing an in-office whitening procedure plus and easy-to-use, award winning, at home device for maintenance.

Patient Guided Light Optic (G.L.O.) Technology

The GLO Device mouthpiece technology combines light plus heat in a closed system activating the whitening gel while preventing oxygen from escaping the tooth surface. This giving you fast, efficient, long lasting results.


With the GLO Science technology, in-office treatment appointments are usually just 60 minutes and maintenance treatments at home are just 32 minutes!

Sensitivity Be Gone!

In a clinical study from Forsyth Institute, 0% of GLO users experiences the painful “zingers” commonly associated with other professional teeth whitening procedures

GLO Science Treatment Options at Page Dental Arts

  • In-Office Whitening with the GLO Science Professional Device – On average, the in-office procedure whitens 5 shades with minimal sensitivity. The in-office treatment is fast, easy, and comfortable. Afterwards, patients take the GLO device with them for at-home maintenance plus 10 vials of maintenance gel!
  • Take Home GLO Science Professional Device – Enjoy the use of the GLO Science Technology and mouthpiece at home. Just 32 minutes per day for 10 days for a whiter smile.
  • GLO Pro To Go – Convenient Whitening Vials for on the go use. Just brush on and GO.