Dental Insurance

The best way to ensure your visit will be covered is to call our office or check with your insurance company to see if there are any restrictions on where or who you can see for your dental treatment. We are happy to research your dental benefits for you.

Understanding Your Dental Benefits

Understanding your healthcare needs can be a difficult thing but trying to understand your healthcare coverages can feel like you are speaking a foreign language. We are here to help! Itis important to know that Dental Insurance is NOT like Medical Insurance. Dental Insurance plans usually cover much less and have significantly more restrictions. We encourage our patients to think about their dental plan as a “benefit,” as opposed to an insurance plan. It is a set amount that is designed as a supplement to help you cover the costs of your dental needs each year. In many cases, your dental insurance may not cover all of your necessary treatment.

Most insurance plans use a specific set of terms to describe and define their products. Unfortunately, for those who are not in the insurance field, this terminology can be quite confusing. Our office has created a helpful guide that defines and discusses common insurance terms and clauses. To better understand your insurance plan or to help you choose a new plan, view our guide by clicking on the following link: Understanding Your Insurance

Financing Your Dental Costs

As a courtesy to all our patients, we are happy to research your insurance benefits and file your dental claims for you at no charge. Your co-pay, or estimated remaining portion, is due in full at the time of service. If your insurance denies a claim or only pays a portion of what was expected, you are responsible for the remaining balance.

We accept multiple forms of payment, such as cash, check, debit or credit card. Our office also participates in a convenient healthcare financing program called Care Credit (see below).

A detailed outline of our financial policies are available for view on the Patient Forms page.

Care Credit Financing

At Page Dental Arts, we do not recommend putting off or avoiding treatment based on what your insurance will cover. Serious complications, including infection and tooth loss, can occur with such avoidances. However, we understand that when your insurance does not cover all of your needed treatment, your out of pocket costs can seem unmanageable. We want all of our patients to know that if this occurs, we offer flexible, no-interest payment plans through Care Credit to help you manage these unexpected dental expenses. We are here to help you afford a smile that you can be proud of!

Care Credit is a finance company that specializes in financing all types of healthcare treatment, including dental treatment. Care Credit gives you convenient payment options that you can choose from to work with your budget. Care Credit allows you to pay a monthly amount over time with a low or 0% interest rate. If you are interested in setting up a payment plan through Care Credit, please be sure to let our staff know prior to treatment.

To learn more about Care Credit or to apply online, visit the CareCredit website.